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Summer 2021 ARH 313 Northern Renaissance Art 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week summer Mon - Fri ARH-313


The Northern Renaissance is a period in which artists belonged to the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium), Germany, France, and England and adopted and adapted the ideas of the Italian Renaissance. It is characterized by a realistic approach to painting, improved techniques, and the proliferation of printmaking.
This course introduces Northern Renaissance art mainly through the 14th to 16th centuries, with focus on paintings. Students will learn the major artists, subjects, and stylistic developments during this period. Emphasis will be also placed on issues such as iconography, stylistic developments, social and historical context, patronage and techniques.
Upon completion, students are expected to understand the influence of Italian Renaissance art on Northern Renaissance art and make a comparison between them. Students are expected to show a breadth and overall understanding on art in renaissance period. This course is also intended to develop critical thinking and writing skills through discussion, presentation and paper writing assignments.