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Summer 2021 SOC 310 Social Theory 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week summer Mon - Fri SOC-310


Social theory is a means of understanding and explaining social world around us, allowing people to make sense of all kinds of social phenomena. Usually, sociological theory is divided into two separate parts: classical theory and contemporary theory. This course will primarily introduce students to the three major historical theorists in the social science: Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber. Then emphasis will be laid on structural-functionalism, conflict theory, exchange theory and interactionism. Student will also examine the other contemporary social theory issues, such as Feminist, Racism and social reproduction of inequality. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to understand the importance of research in social theory and to apply social theories learnt in this course to interpret, explain and predict real world social phenomena both in academic level and practical level.